Lego Mindstorms NXT Power Programming

NXT Power Programming delivers everything you need to create the robot you’ve always dreamed about. This is the definitive guide to C programming by the developer of some of the most powerful and popular development tools for LEGO MINDSTORMS. John C. Hansen presents a comprehensive yet friendly set of tools that allow you to create almost any robot you can imagine.

Inside, you’ll find an ingenious set of projects that explore the complete arsenal of NXT functionality. At the heart of these projects is Versa, a versatile mobile robot platform utilizing modular attachments.

Master the Art of:

• NXC, a C language for the NXT

• BricxCC, a full featured programming environment

• Sensors and Motors

• Utilities for Music, Sound Sampling, Graphics and more

• NBC, an Assembler Language for the NXT

• Building Robots without Bricks

• Handheld Arcade Games on the NXT

• An Intruder System using a Sphere Cannon

• NXT to NXT Bluetooth communications

• NXT to Bluetooth devices

• The latest sensors from HiTechnic and

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